Alexander Sacharoff: "Tanzstudie" - Tafel IX in Hans Brandenburg: "Der moderne Tanz", München 1913

Alexander Sacharoff: "Tanzstudie" - Tafel IX in Hans Brandenburg: "Der moderne Tanz", München 1913

Claudia Jeschke

Alexander Sacharoff - Lecture Performance

For the Dance History Tour 2021, Claudia Jeschke created together with Ivan Liška Annäherungen an Sacharoff-Derp-Duette ("Approaches to Sacharoff-Derp Duets"); for the current edition of the DANCE Festival she worked with the dancers Cristian Cucco and Fanni Schack to create movement sequences based on choreographic notes by Alexander Sacharoff. In her lecture performance this dance scholar talks about her many years of dealing with Sacharoff's dances, and she sheds light on the examination by using concrete materials and their conversions and translations into movement.

Claudia Jeschke is a retired professor of dance studies, and she is the editor and author of numerous scientific publications. She also works (and worked) as a dramaturge, choreographer, and exhibition organizer. The combination of history, theory and practice is documented, for example, in reconstructions and lecture performances on dance phenomena of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

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Thursday, May 18, 3 p.m.

Language: German

Admission free


MDH    NS Dokumentationszentrum

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