Lukas Karvelis: "THEO" - © Dainius Putinas

Lukas Karvelis: "THEO" - © Dainius Putinas

Lukas Karvelis: "THEO" - © Dainius Putinas

Lukas Karvelis: "THEO" - © Dainius Putinas

Lukas Karvelis


The young man at the bus stop is behaving strangely. How do we react to this? What does it mean to be addicted to something or someone? How fine is the border between addiction and the feeling of security? What does addiction do to the body, to the mind?

THEO is a solo performance, driven by research, by the young Lithuanian artist Lukas Karvelis, who examines addiction and commitment processes. For this purpose, he leaves behind the support of the theater space, and he places his work at a bus stop, which remains in service during the entire length of the performance. Buses drive by and passengers and pedestrians, who are not informed about the performance, pass through.

The dancer and choreographer Lukas Karvelis is interested in the potential of change within the body and the fragile, intimate conditions that are involved. In 2019 he graduated from Codarts in Rotterdam, and he has been working since then as a dancer with, among others, Marina Mascarell, Anouk Van Dijk, Falk Richter, and Dunja Jocic. Up until now he has shown his choreographic work in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil. Israel,Turkey, Lithuania, Sweden, and Italy.

Lukas Karvelis belongs to the group of young political choreographers from Lithuania who will perform at the venue HochX and in public spaces in Munich as part of the program focusing on Eastern Europe.

More about Lukas Karvelis' work in the magazine

Sunday, May 14, 4.30 p.m.
Tram Station Nationaltheater
(+ 6.30 p.m. Artist Talk, HochX)
Monday, May 15, 7.30 p.m.
Tram Station Lehel
Tuesday, May 16, 5 p.m.
Bus Station Prinzregentenplatz

Duration: 25 min

Admission free!


Choreography & Performance: Lukas Karvelis
Music: Eric Magnée
Sponsored by: Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, Lithuanian Council for Culture

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