Jos de Putter: "A Way to B" - Filmstill

Jos de Putter: "A Way to B" - Filmstill

Jos de Putter: "A Way to B" - Filmstill

Jos de Putter: "A Way to B" - Filmstill

Jos de Putter

A Way to B (Documentary)

A way to B is a dance portrait of several members of the flamboyant, Catalan dance collective Liant la Troca from Barcelona, led by dancer and choreographer Jordi Cortès Molina. The majority of the dancers has a physical disability: one walks in a steel corset, another is spastic. Some performers are in wheelchairs, one has one leg, another has no legs at all, is blind or sees a little less every day. The film's hybrid style, in which documentary and dance continually merge and diverge, follows several of the group's dancers as they shape their individual stories in performances.

Sensual, exuberant and provocative choreographies alternate in the theatre, a square, a forest, a living room. At the same time, the dancers give candid insights into the challenges of everyday existence. Constructed as an autumn day in and around Barcelona, this hybrid documentary-dance film by Jos de Putter and Clara van Gool offers an unusual look at human resilience. An ode to zest for life and love.

Friday, May 12, 6 p.m., HFF Cinema 1
Saturday, May 13, 8 p.m., City Kino 2

Duration: 90 min


Directors: Jos de Putter & Clara van Gool
Choreograph: Jordi Cortés Molina
Director of photography: Jean Charles Counet
Edited by: Stefan Kamp, nce
Sound recording: Rik Meier
Sound design: Alex Booy
Broadcaster: EOdocs
Producer: DOXY Films
Co-producer: Dieptescherpte bv
Financial partners: Netherlands Film Fund, NPO Funds


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