HORSE: "FreeSteps - NiNi" - © Chen Chang-chih

HORSE: "FreeSteps - NiNi" - © Chen Chang-chih

HORSE: "FreeSteps - NiNi" - © Chen Chang-chih

HORSE: "FreeSteps - NiNi" - © Chen Chang-chih


FreeSteps - NiNi

NiNi stands in the twilight under her lantern. She turns and twists her body to the sounds of meditative, traditional gongs. Wrapped completely in herself, she still perceives her surroundings and us during her rotations. In New York, in Taipeh, in Tainan, in Plovdiv, in Darmstadt or in Munich. The solo piece FreeSteps – NiNi lets time stand still in public spaces. It is part of the FreeSteps series, planned for a period of ten years, by the choreographer SU Wei-Chia, co-founder of the Taiwanese company HORSE. The permeability of the body, the relationship between contours, movements, rhythm, music, and light encounters day-to-day life in public spaces. Whoever stops and surrenders to the magic of the moment becomes part of the community of onlookers, part of what happens. Beyond the magic of the moment FreeSteps – NiNi conveys the political insight that a safe public space is not guaranteed.

HORSE was founded in 2004 and produces not only choreographic works but also sees itself as a platform for international collaborations, outreach programs, and curatorial projects. In 2008 Velocity received the Taishin Arts Award, the most prominent art award in Taiwan, and in 2013 SU Wei-Chia received the Kurt Jooss Award for 2 Men.

DANCE 2023 places a focus on dance from Taiwan and will present in addition to FreeSteps – NiNi also Go Paiwan by Tjimur Dance Theatre and Fangas Nayaw's video installation La XXX Punk

Muffatwerk / Forecourt Ampere

Thursday, May 11, approx. 10.15 p.m.
Friday, May 12, approx. 10.15 p.m.

Duration: 40 min

Admission free


Choreography: Su Wei-Chia
Performer: Fang Yu-ting
Sound Design: Yannick Dauby
Technical Management & Lighting Design: Liu Chia-Ming
Stage Design: Liu Chia-Ming, Su Wei-Chia
Tour Manager: Lin Nung
International Development: Hsu Tzu-Yin
Supported by: National Culture and Arts Foundation

Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan

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