Dovydas Strimaitis: "Hairy" - © Nora Houguenade

Dovydas Strimaitis: "Hairy" - © Nora Houguenade

Dovydas Strimaitis: "Hairy" - © Nora Houguenade

Dovydas Strimaitis: "Hairy" - © Nora Houguenade

Dovydas Strimaitis

Hairy (World Premiere)

A piece that makes your head spin. Hairs fly, hairs swirl around. Sometimes they whip and sometimes they simply hang down. For 20 minutes. Hairy 3.0 comes from the long and red-blond head of hair of the young and very promising Lithuanian choreographer Dovydas Strimaitis, and is the best hairy feeling since the musical Hair.

In this contemporary homage to hair control and freedom, limitation and ecstasy fascinate. The bodies of the performers bathe in sacral radiance and develop with their formalized, minimalized movements an impressive power. Between the lines, along with the hairs sway associatively very different identitary, political, cultural, and dance historical correlations among meanings and subcultural references, which, however, through the choreography are not directly pronounced, but rather remain a notional whispering. Only the gleaming black, latex-like full body costumes allow for a direct reference to the practices of the BDSM scene, which also is devoted to the relationship of freedom and restriction.

Dovydas Strimaitis received his training at Codarts in Rotterdam, and was a member the last three years of the avant-garde Ballet National de Marseille. In Hairy 3.0 Strimaitis performs as one of the dancers. He developed the piece at first as a solo piece for himself. The starting point for him was the question, how does something that is uncontrollable allow itself to be controlled, and the continuous philosophical question of where he himself as a physical entity begins and ends.

Dovydas Strimaitis belongs to the group of young political choreographers from Lithuania who will perform at the venue HochX and in public spaces in Munich as part of the program focusing on Eastern Europe. Hairy 3.0 will be on a double bill with the performative protest Hands Up by Agnietė Lisičkinaitė.

In addition, at DANCE 2023 Dovydas Strimaitis will show The Art of Making Dances

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Saturday, May 13, 6 p.m.
Sunday, May 14, 6 p.m. + Artist Talk

Duration: 20 min

Double Bill with Hands Up by Agnietė Lisičkinaitė, begin at 5 p.m.

limited barrier-free

Choreography: Dovydas Strimaitis
Performers: Lucrezia Nardone, Hanna-May Porlon, Dovydas Strimaitis
Music: Julijona Biveinytė, Johann Sebastian Bach (interpretiert von Yo-Yo Ma)
Lighting Design: Lisa M. Barry
Technician / Adaptation Lighting Design: Povilas Laurinaitis
Co-production: New Baltic Dance 
Supported by: Ballet national de Marseille – Leitung (LA)HORDE, BE company

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